THE Baker's Share

Extra bagels for you to enjoy!

Depending on our daily orders, sometimes there are extra bagels when making a batch. We call these extra bagels our "baker's share." If we have any extra bagels to offer, we will post something on our social media channels. We will hold them for the first person to claim them and can pickup between 8-9am. Or if you want to swing by you can try to get them first come first serve until they are gone. The baker's share flavors vary depending on the day.

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Why is it called a "baker's share"?

It is just a fun term that is based on a term "angel's share." In the whiskey industry, the angel's share is the liquid that evaporates during the aging process. These bagels are extra when making a batch so instead of throwing them out we can provide them to our social media followers as a last minute delight to start the day.

After I claim a baker's share, where do I pick it up?

After you successfully claim a batch, you will pickup between 8-9am at 4951 Kingston Pike, Knoxville (the Back Door Tavern Parking Lot) unless we are at a special delivery location. Details will be provided in the social media post.

How do I pay for my baker's share batch?

The price is $11 per half dozen batch. You can send payment via Venmo to @GoldmanBagels or bring cash when you pick up your order.