Question: How do I order some of your delicious bagels? 

Answer: Orders should be submitted on our order page. Please order them at least a day in advance so we can prepare the ingredients. Each morning, we only cook bagels that are ordered to ensure the freshest bagel possible and reduce food waste. We look forward to sharing our love of bagels with you!

Q: When can I get some of your bagels? 

A: We are currently offering pre-orders. We do not have a physical store but retail partners around Knoxville carry some of our flavors. Check them out to get your bagel fix + coffee!

Q: How do I pay for my order?  

A: You can send payment via Venmo to @GoldmanBagels (4 digit code is 0896) or bring a check/cash when you pick up your order. Details are included in your confirmation email after you place an order. Credit card payments coming soon. Checks should be made out to Goldman Bagels. 

Q: Why do the bagels have different uneven shapes?

A: Each bagel is handmade so they might have different physical shapes but don't worry they all contain the same delicious ingredients. 

Q: Are the bagels kosher?

A: Our bagels are kosher pareve but not certified kosher. 

Q: Are the bagels vegan?

A: Our bagels can be made vegan when requested. When you place your order, include a note in the order form and we will make sure to skip the egg wash done after the bagels are baked. Of course, the flavors with bacon and cheese are not vegan. 

Q: Can I freeze the bagels?

A: Yes - the bagels can be frozen and enjoyed later. Whenever you are ready, pop them in the toaster or oven to warm them up to your preferred temperature. We recommend 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes (varies by oven and your preference). More tips can be found here.

Q: Is there anyway to get bagels without ordering in advance?

Stop by one of our retail partners.

Q: Who is Goldman? 

A: Marshall Goldman grew up enjoying NY style bagels with his family from the northeast. He recently got frustrated that he couldn't find any authentic bagels in Knoxville. Over the past few months he has been perfecting his recipe and technique to create delicious bagels for friends and family. One thing led to another and Knoxville can now enjoy these bagels too. He loves bagels and looks forward to sharing that love with you.

Q: Where are the cream cheese? 

A: We now have cream cheese! Check out the flavors.

Q: How can I support Goldman Bagels? 

A: Buy bagels. Tell your friends. Share on Facebook and Instagram. Write a review. Send us feedback.

Q: I love your bagels. 

A: That isn't a question... but thank you!

If you have any additional questions or comments, please send us a note: