November 2020

January 2021

Customer reviews

"We are enjoying our first batch of Goldman’s bagels. As former NYC dwellers, it is great to have authentic NY style bagels in Knoxville. Everything about our experience had been positive, and we love the neighborhood drop-off and Venmo payment." - Tracey

"We have been on a bagel hunt trying to find an H&H Bagel from NYC comparable. We have tried a lot with no success until this morning. You have the best bagel we have had in Knoxville .. Thank you!" -Michael M.

"Looking forward to where this business takes you! These bagels are amazing!! Just what Knoxville needs!" - Taryn

"These bagels are the real deal." - Bill M.

"I love how they’re all unique, they’re not just ‘perfect’ bagels made out of a machine. You can tell that someone took time and care to prepare them and they didn’t cut any corners while doing so (uh, HELLO toppings!). I’ve never had a bagel so delightfully crisp on the outside while also being soft and fluffy on the inside. If I had to boil it down to 3 words: bagels done right!" - Ashley M.