bagel storage & reheating tips

Enjoy Goldman Bagels all week!

When you pick up your Goldman Bagels, we suggest enjoying them as soon as possible. They usually stay fresh at room temperature for 1-2 days. For up to 3-4 days, you can store them in your fridge. For longer periods of storage, we recommend you freeze your bagels.

We recommend using the brown paper bag to store your bagels on your counter. If you need to refrigerate your bagels, place them in a zipper lock bag. If you are going to freeze them, individually wrapping them tightly in aluminum foil helps reduce freezer burn.

When you are ready to eat a bagel, you can toast the entire bagel before cutting it. Try placing the intact bagel in a toaster oven or in a preheated oven at 375 degrees for around 5 minutes.

Of course, everyone enjoys their bagels differently. If you prefer to cut your bagel before toasting then go for it. If a bagel has become stale and dry, try dunking it quickly in hot water before toasting it. Use different methods and decide which you prefer!